Leeds prevert preyed on schoolgirls

Alan Robertson.
Alan Robertson.

A PERVERT has been jailed after a court heard how he sexually abused two girls and “robbed them of their childhood”.

Alan Robertson, 61, was jailed for 14 years, three months, after a court heard how made threats against one victim and paid money to another in order to silence them. Leeds Crown Court heard Robertson sexually abused his first victim when she was around 10 years of age in 1995.

The youngster was threatened in order to prevent her from telling anyone about Robertson had done to her.

Robertson, from Leeds, then preyed on a second victim eight years later, in 2003, when she was aged. The abuse took place on repeated occasions and grew more serious. Robertson would give the girl cash in order to keep her quiet.

Robertson accused both victims of lying when he was arrested. He pleaded guilty to six offences of indecency with a child, nine of indecent assault, two of sexual activity with a child and one of causing a child to engage in sexual activity.

The court heard Robertson had been granted bail in December last year as he awaited sentence after admitted the offences. He was then taken into custody after attempting to commit suicide.

Robin Frieze, mitigating, said Robertson should be given credit for pleading guilty to the offences and sparing the victims the ordeal of giving evidence at a trial.

Jailing Robertson, judge Geoffrey Marson, QC, said: “It is perfectly obvious that each of these girls, now adults, has carried these offences with them for many years and they have been profoundly psychologically affected. You robbed them of their childhood.

“What you did to them will scar their lives. I suspect for ever. They will never be able to put it out of their minds.”