Leeds photo essay: A wheelie unusual hobby for biker

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As far as hobbies go, fixing up bikes isn’t unusual – but how many bikes can turn into a stage, produce flowers or include a musical instrument?

Danny Hewitt, a 39-year-old bike- ability instructor from Bramley, Leeds, has discovered his niche, venturing into the slightly quirkier side of bikes.

Danny Hewitt and his whacky bike at Kirkstall Abbey.

Danny Hewitt and his whacky bike at Kirkstall Abbey.

His portfolio includes two rickshaws, one which can be used as a stage and one which had a garden on it – he also has a push bike with a harp going through the frame.

He said: “My second rickshaw unfolds into a stage – very useful.

“I had one years ago which I sold to the Farsley Festival because it had a garden on it. I didn’t plan to buy the second one. I was browsing eBay for an apple press one Christmas day and I got distracted by a rickshaw for sale.”

His ‘busking bike’ has been used to raise money for Leeds music charity Cloth Cat.