Leeds pervert left indecent images on show


A PERVERT was arrested for downloading abusive sexual images of children after being reported by a “disgusted” member of the public, a court heard.

Richard Adams was caught after he advertised a mobile phone for sale and was contacted by a man who went to his home in Bramley, Leeds, to buy it.

Martin Robertson, prosecuting, said the man arrived at the property on Ganners Grove and was shocked to see a lap top open in the living room which was displaying pornographic images of children.

Mr Robertshaw said: “The member of the public was disgusted and told the defendant he was going to call the police.”

Officers arrived later the same day, March 4 last year, and seized the lap top.

It was found to contain a total of 970 illegal images.

Mr Robertshaw said 23 of the images were at category A - the most serious level of offending - and featured the abuse of children aged between three and five years of age.

Adams initially denied doing anything wrong until he was confronted with the evidence of the images on the laptop.

He then admitted to officers he had searched for sexual images of children online.

He pleaded guilty to ten offences of making an indecent image of a child.

Adams was made the subject of a three-year community and supervision order, during which he must take part in a sex offender treatment programme.

Judge James Spencer, QC, told Adams: “Make no mistake that if you continue with this sort of behaviour you will be in breach of the order and you will be sentenced in a less sensitive way.

“You must understand that the victims here are children who are being exploited for your sexual gratification.”