Leeds pensioner jailed after 50 years of flashing at woman

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A PENSIONER has been jailed for flashing after a court heard he has been committing the offence for almost 50 years.

Graham Marsden, 72, was given a 12-month sentence for his latest offence in Leeds city centre in which he targeted a woman at a bus stop.

Leeds Crown Court heard Marsden has been targeting lone females on a regular basis since being convicted of indecent exposure as a 24-year-old in 1966.

The court heard the pensioner has been compelled to commit the offence despite repeated attempts at psychiatric intervention and counselling.

Marsden’s lawyer described how the offending had blighted his life for many years but he was unable to stop himself.

The court heard Marsden, from Armley, Leeds, has been disowned by relatives and has no friends because of his convictions.

He has been attacked many times and his home in the city has also been targeted by those who are aware of his offending.

Adrian Pollard, for Marsden, described his offending as a medical condition which he been unable to overcome.

He said: “He does say that it has completely blighted his life. He has been humiliated and isolated from everybody and everything.”

The latest offence, Marsden’s 16 conviction, took place on November 30 last year on Park Row in Leeds city centre.

Marsden approached a 30-year-old woman at a bus stop on her own and exposed himself.

Philip Adams, prosecuting, said the woman was shocked and frightened.

He was arrested after being recognised at an identity procedure.

Marsden pleaded guilty to indecent exposure and breach of a sexual offences prevention order.

Mr Pollard said that in previous years Marsden’s offences had been met with magistrates court fines but had gradually been treated more seriously over the years, leading to him being issued with court orders.

The court heard retired Marsden had managed keep responsible jobs as a supervisor with the gas board and with Legal and General throughout the years of offending.

Jailing Marsden, Christopher Batty said: “The courts have done their best to try and get you assistance.

“You have spoken to many people, many experts about this.

“It is just sad that there you are as a 72-year-old man.

“You are intelligent, articulate, and formerly hard working.

“Yet you are back here for doing the same thing.

“The people you target are terrified because they just do not know what you are going to and the courts just cannot allow that.”