Leeds party girl sent to live in a nunnery for new reality TV show

Bad Habits
Bad Habits
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A new reality TV experiment has placed a self-confessed party girl in a rural convent with no internet access or modern luxuries

Tyla Edwards, 23, will star in Channel Five's Bad Habits, Holy Orders alongside four other young women as they attempt to adapt to life in a self-sufficient convent in the Norfolk countryside.

Around a dozen mainly elderly nuns welcomed Tyla, a dancer from Headingley, into the reclusive Daughters of Divine Charity order.

The show aims to explore the stereotypes around millennial women and challenges them to live a more wholesome existence without smartphones, social media, make-up and alcohol.

The Catholic sisters have not accepted a new British nun into the order for around 40 years, and live a simple life centred around prayer and the upkeep of their property and its grounds. Their recreational activities include singing, reading and playing the piano.

Tyla spent a month in the nunnery during filming - the first time a TV crew had ever been allowed inside the convent.

She was allowed £25 to live on and had to give up access to her phone and social media accounts. The newcomers sleep in a basic dormitory and are expected to pray with the nuns and eat meals as part of the group, while dressing in traditional 'habits'.

The girls' arrival initially causes consternation when their revealing outfits fail to impress the 85-year-old Mother Superior, while an attempt to smuggle in vodka is foiled by Sister Francis.

Yet they gradually embark on a journey of self-discovery as they begin to appreciate the nuns' dedication to religion and the simplicity of their lives while knuckling down to domestic tasks.

The series has been marketed as 'Sister Act meets St Trinian's' and the five participants were only told that they were going on a 'spiritual journey' by producers before arriving in Norfolk.

Since filming finished, a reformed Tyla has been volunteering to help the homeless.

Bad Habits, Holy Orders airs on October 19 at 10pm on Channel Five.