Leeds parents won’t be able to feed kids by end of the month

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A quarter of parents in Leeds are less than a month away from not being able to put food on the table for their children.

Around 180,000 people have admitted that they are struggling to afford food for their children and opt to go hungry themselves.

The startling findings have come from nationwide research, conducted by baby food brand Piccolo and the Trussell Trust foodbank network.

The national study found a staggering 2.7m parents in the UK also find themselves in a similar situation.

However, a spokesperson warned Leeds had been identified as “one of the most prominent areas of a deepening food crisis”.

It is placing a further burden on the city’s already under pressure foodbanks which this summer, the Yorkshire Evening Post had revealed, was tasked with feeding an extra 5000 children across Leeds who would otherwise have gone hungry during the school holidays.

The Trussell Trust has co-ordinated a network of 428 banks this year and 19 are in Leeds.

More than a third of people taking part in the survey, said they were having to turn to foodbanks when the cupboards were bare - despite the stigma attached to using them.

Cat Gazzoli, CEO, Piccolo said: “Poverty is on our doorstep, both in the North East and nationwide.

“It’s clear we are verging on a food crisis in the UK and not only is its impact heavily underestimated, there are a lack of solutions for those that are sadly in this position.

“We must better collaborate to find a way forward. From the Government to charities and there is a role for private business, no matter how early-stage such as Piccolo, to offer a route forward for families in need.”

Research also found that one in ten parents state feeding the family is a daily concern, half of parents go hungry to ensure their little ones get at least one proper meal a day, food concerns have led to 50 per cent of parents suffering from anxiety and 15 per cent experiencing issues at work and more than a third would rather go to a foodbank than admit to friends and family they were struggling.

Last year the Leeds South and East foodbank handed out 6234 emergency three day parcels and North and West, 8185.