Leeds parents’ poor fashion sense

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Hundreds of Leeds parents are embarrassing their children on a daily basis due to their lack of fashion sense, it has emerged.

Generally dressing unfashionably, wearing socks with sandals and wearing glaringly bright clothing are all big no-no’s for parents according to the kids of Leeds.

Overall more than four in 10 children are embarrassed by their parents’ lack of fashion sense, while one in four mums and dads said their child’s opinion on their clothing was important to them.

And almost half of parents would happily be dressed by their children in a bid to improve their look.

Away from fashion, the top three ways that Leeds’ parents embarrass their children include telling them off in public, fussing around them and calling them a nickname in public.

The findings emerged in a study of 2,000 parents with kids aged 16 and under for Oxfam’s Dressed By The Kids campaign, a national fundraising event happening on the June 16.

Kelly O’Connor, fundraising officer at Oxfam, said: “Oxfam is giving kids a chance to put the boot on the other foot and take control of the grown-ups’ outfits for a day – while raising money for a great cause.”

“These findings show mums and dads do not always score highly in the fashion stakes in the eyes of their kids.

“It’s time kids take action. Who wouldn’t love a chance to dress their parents up in flamboyant and outlandish clothes, at the same time as doing their bit to support those who need our help all round the world?”

The study shows a third of children have been known to comment negatively on their parents’ attire, and a fifth of mums and dads have even gone to change an outfit following a particularly critical remark.

But parents don’t just embarrass kids in the fashion stakes, as the research indicates there are a number of other ways they have the last laugh.

A quarter of parents say their children are mortified if they are told off in public while 19 per cent of kids hate having food wiped off their face. Being fussed around, being called a nickname in front of friends and having their hair ruffled also makes children feel self-conscious.

But mistakes with fashion are considered some of the worst ways to embarrass children – particularly if parents choose to go out in fancy dress, or shoes they can’t walk in.

One in 10 children have been so embarrassed by their parent’s choice of outfit they’ve refused to be accompanied on the school pick-up, and the same percentage have apologised to their friends about what they were waring.

Go to Oxfam.org.uk/silly to sign up and take part in Dressed By The Kids Day on 16 June.