Leeds obesity doctors pioneer no-fuss weight loss surgery

Obesity surgeons from Leeds are among the first in Europe to perform new style, no-fuss weight loss surgery.

Yorkshire has one of the highest number of obese people in England, with 67 per cent of men and 56 per cent women, classed as overweight or obese.

And one in four children are overweight in the county.

The incisionless weight loss procedure, reduces the size of someone's stomach, enabling patients to feel less hunger and full more quickly opon eating.

The operation is carried out through the mouth to reach the stomach region.

Bariatric surgeons at Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital are offering the

new technology, which leaves no visible scars, dubbed POSE (Primary Obesity Surgery, Endolumenal) for people with a BMI (body Mass Index) of 30-40.

According to the Governments 'Change for Life' programme, Yorkshire has some of the worst figures in England for obesity.

Bariatric surgeons Mr James C Halstead and Mr Henry Sue-Ling are offering the new private procedure and say its suitable for those patients who do not meet NHS requirements and who may have struggled with controlling their weight through diet and exercise. Its also available in London and Southampton.

Surgeon Mr Halstead said: "By reducing the stomach's capacity, this provides a real solution to tackle obesity. The safety of this compared some other interventions is phenomenal, with a reduced risk of infection, less pain and no visible scarring." Mr. Henry Sue-Ling added: "A shorter hospital stay combined with the less invasive procedure, means that our patients can get back to normal activities as soon as possible."

He said this is the first procedure of its kind to be done without having to cut into the abdomen to reach the stomach.

A small flexible endoscope and special surgical tools go into the body

via the mouth and then multiple tissue folds are then created in the stomach to reduce its capacity.

These folds in the stomach reduce the amount of food it can hold, so people feel fuller faster during meals and eat less.

Several serious diseases and conditions are commonly associated with obesity.

Adam Power, of Elemental Healthcare, the company pioneering the surgery said: "Patients will see for themselves that a Friday surgery can mean they are back at work come Monday morning."


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