Leeds nostalgia: Police box that saved my father's life...

A Times Past article (Sept 6, 2016), talks of doing away with police boxes and this brought back memories.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 23rd January 2017, 5:32 am

During the war my Dad had to do his bit and was sent to Leeds from Drighlington to join the police force. My mother, brother and I joined him about 1943. My father was about to go on duty one night but collapsed in great pain on the back doorstep. It was war time, there were no phones and few ambulances due to petrol shortages. But he did have his key for the police box on Spencer Place. My mother, who was quite frightened, went up there and phoned through and the police car came quickly. Dad was rushed to hospital with a burst duodenal ulcer, he was seriously ill and spent a long time in hospital.

Had it not been for the police box and the quick action of the police, Dad would not have survived.

It is a good thing that doctors can spot these things early and cure them with pills.

Mrs M Burden (nee Irving)

Picture: 1960s, as one of the first juke boxes in Leeds arrived at the Prince Arthur, Roundhay Road. If it had not been for the police box on Spencer Place, my Dad would not have been in this picture. From left: my brother John, father John Edward, mother Rhoda and me, Mary