Leeds nostalgia: On this day in 1945...

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On this day in 1945, Russia made a series of “important discoveries” in relation to nuclear power.

Its scientiests announced they had found several “heavy protons” inside “the kernel of atomic hydrogen”, while another team of scientists filmed cosmic rays for the first time.

According to a report in the Yorkshire Evening Post on this day in 1945: “Soviet scientists have made a number of discoveries in the study of cosmic rays at the new observation station recently built 11,oooft up on Mount Alagoz, Armenia.”

It went on: “Impulses produced by cosmic ray particles have been filmed for the first time and a three ton magnet is being used for deviating the rays, separating the heavy ones from the light ones and measuring their energy.”

Scientists in Russia said they have discovered a third kind of cosmic ray, over and above the two which were already known about - those being the mezotrons and electrons.