Leeds nostalgia: Hunt for old crown in Leeds chimney

Dateline: December 1984... The hunt was on for a crown coin which was concealed somewhere in the mortar of an old chimney, the last remnant of Fox-s Mill, on Royds Lane, off Whitehall Road, Leeds.

Saturday, 1st December 2018, 8:56 am

It was due to be demolished by James Gill Ltd, of Leeds, and the firm of contractors said they intended to take the chimney down one brick at a time.

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The crown was apparently built into the chimney near the letter ‘F’ of ‘Fox’ in the brickwork.

The council previously refused permission to blow up the chimney, meaning it had to be dismantled carefully. The firm said it was not hopeful about finding the coin.

Was the crown ever found? Perhaps you worked on the demolition. If you have information about it, please get in touch.