Leeds nostalgia: The days when £100m seemed like a lot...

Leeds City Council, led by the Tory's, put forward its annual budget of £107m (compared to today's, which stands at around five times that).

Saturday, 24th March 2018, 2:12 pm

The date was March 1980.

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Among the proposals were some controversial changes, including adding 5p to the cost of school meals, taking them to 40p a week. Other changes included scrapping free school milk, except for children who needed it for medical reasons.

The council’s youth service would have to save £75,000. It also told Leeds Polytechnic (which later became a university and is today known Leeds Beckett University), that it would have to manage on its existing £12.9m annual budget (an effective cut of £1.2m).

The budget had to go before the full council for approval.