Leeds named UK's vegetarian capital

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Leeds has been named the UK's vegetarian capital.

Nearly 40 per cent of residents follow a meat-free diet - although at the other end of the scale, the city was also a hotspot for followers of a paleolithic eating plan dubbed the 'caveman' diet. Around seven per cent of respondents to the survey by cooking appliance brand Belling are 'paleo'.

The research also found that special diets were causing problems at family meal times, with 29 per cent of those quizzed admitting they had to cook multiple dishes. One in three confessed that differing eating plans led to food ending up in the bin, while 26 per cent said it made eating as a family difficult.

A third of Leeds residents said their diet choices were based on health concerns, while other factors included allergies, religion and ethical reasons.

Nationally, the top 10 most popular diets were low-fat; vegetarian; low-calorie; gluten-free; Weight Watchers or Slimming World; dairy-free; pescetarian; vegan; low-carb; halal.