Leeds mums on a mission to improve standards of care for sick tots

Nicky Emsley urged the Government to listen to the case for sick babies.
Nicky Emsley urged the Government to listen to the case for sick babies.
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A Leeds mum has spoken in Parliament to urge MPs across the country to ensure their local hospitals provide adequate care for premature babies.

Nicky Emsley’s son Joshua was born 14 weeks early and weighed just two pounds.

He spent the first few months of his life on three different hospital wards in three different counties fighting for survival.

Joshua was finally allowed to go back to his Rawdon home after 107 days.

Nicky established the Leeds group of baby charity Bliss to help other mums in the city whose babies were born too soon or too sick.

She addressed more than 100 delegates at the lobby yesterday (Nov 20) and said: “Last year Bliss compiled the SOS Report.

“The main thing that stuck with me was the statistic that by increasing the number of specialist nurses in a neonatal unit, infant mortality is reduced by 48 per cent.

“The Government has to listen.

“Further cuts in this area of nursing and training budgets will have drastic consequences on already stretched staffing levels.

“Adults in intensive care get one to one care - babies however it seems do not.”

She added: “These babies haven’t done anything wrong.

“They have no voice so it’s parents like us and Bliss that have to speak up.

“It’s only with making this issue an issue in parliament that we can make the powers that be listen.

“Let’s hope this happens nationwide and more of these vulnerable babies can have better outcomes. “

Pudsey MP Stuart Andrew, who hosted the event, showed his support for the north west Leeds-based group.


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