Leeds mum's 'vicious dog terror'

A young mum claims she has been driven out of her home and is too terrified to return because of a 'vicious' dog at a nearby flat.

Nicola Mawn, 19, says she is too frightened to take her three-month-old daughter Honey back to her council-owned first-floor flat on Hansby Avenue, Seacroft because of an Alsatian-type dog which lives below.

The mum-of-one has bombarded Leeds City Council for help since she left her home last summer, but says she is still waiting for something to be done before she feels safe to return.

And she has now been left with a bill of more than 500 to cover the cost of the rent while she lives with her parents.

Nicola said: "If it wasn't for my daughter Honey, I'd move back in tomorrow but I am too terrified what that dog might do to her if we did. I wouldn't trust it for a moment. The council said they'd put up a fence but it hasn't happened.

"I'm a dog lover and my mum has a Labrador but this Alsatian is something else. It barks constantly day and night and when anyone walks near the flat, it throws itself against the door so hard, the letterbox falls off.

"It's vicious and I'm terrified what it would do if it ever got out and saw Honey in the pram. Something needs to be done."

Nicola first moved into the flat in January 2010, unaware that a dog lived below. However as the weeks passed the barking became worse.

"It felt as though the dog was actually in my flat because it made so much noise," she added. "And when I fell pregnant, I knew I would never let the baby anywhere near. I've contacted the council more than a dozen times begging to be re-housed but it's got me nowhere. I just want to feel safe in my own home."

A spokesman for East North East Homes, who run the block, said: "After initially refusing us entry, Ms Mawn's neighbour finally let us into the property just before Christmas.

"Although we cannot install a fence in the communal gardens, later this month we will be fitting a specially-ordered metal gate to the door of his property to stop his dog from getting out.

"He has also agreed to put his dog on a leash and we have warned him that failure to do so could put his tenancy under threat."

The Yorkshire Evening Post could get no response from the dog owner's property.

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