Leeds mum's brutally honest account of weight loss journey

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A Leeds woman who has struggled with weight gain and her relationship with food has started a brutally honest blog to inspire others.

Clare Brooke, from Bramley, was a size 10 and a keen swimmer before gaining weight after experiencing personal tragedy and depression.

She now runs Facebook page Diary of a Fat Girl, which aims to encourage and motivate those struggling with their body image.

Clare, 38, who is married with three children and works as a duty manager at a sports centre, has suffered the stillbirth of a baby and was also bullied as a child about her size.

"I always have a sadness in my heart and that is where food is my friend. Food helps me to feel uplifted but takes every bit of happiness I had after I've eaten," she said.

"I'm the girl who jokes about food eating and cake but really I'm crying inside. Please let my relationship with food be normal.

"I want others to know you're not alone. Life is tough, food saves me and ruins me, but I know I'm not alone.

"I wanted to share the day-to-day experience I have with food, laughing and crying with pictures of successes and failures, but an honest report of what I've been up to."

Clare shares her meals and shopping lists, and also talks about her daily experiences with food.

So far, she has received a huge response from followers, who have been sharing photos of their own weight loss journeys.

"I want to inspire women to know it's OK to have weight gain for many reasons. People normally share their success but my failure to stay thin is my success in a way, as I'm admitting I'm emotionally dependent on food. I sell gym memberships for a living but I meet so many people who struggle like I do."

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