Leeds mum-of-three is living in the ‘House of Mouse’

Leona Dunton with her son Keyaan, three, in her house, which she says is infested with mice. PIC: Simon Hulme
Leona Dunton with her son Keyaan, three, in her house, which she says is infested with mice. PIC: Simon Hulme
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A young mum-of-three claims her house has been taken over by hundreds of mice.

Leona Dunton, 26, has found mouse droppings inside the oven, the kitchen cupboards, on the microwave and the washing machine and says she is kept awake at night by the sound of hundreds of mice scurrying in the walls.

Leona, who lives at the council house in Kirkstall with her children aged three, seven and eight, said: “The mice are absolutely everywhere.

“I would say there are hundreds of them.

“When I lie in bed at night it sounds awful. I can hear them sliding down the sides of the walls and the noise is really loud.

“When I was watching TV last night my baby screamed because a mouse ran through his feet and bounced off the wall and into the cupboard.

“I’ve caught about six mice in traps and with poison but my three-year-old has put stepped on a mouse trap already so I have to be careful where I put them.”

She added: “I have to feed the kids on takeaways because I don’t dare go in the kitchen for too long because I’m scared.”

Leona, who is currently unemployed and studying beauty therapy at Leeds City College, says she has been living with the problem for three years and is seeking emergency accommodation.

She also explained that she can’t afford the £79 charge for Environment Health to attend and that she believes it will cost more to sort the problem.

She said: “It is playing on my kids’ minds and they are having nightmares.

“It has impacted my life so much.” A spokeswoman for Leeds City Council said: “We visited Ms Dunton in June after she reported a rat infestation at her property.

“After further inspection it was found to be a mouse infestation and we advised there would be a cost of £79 to bring environmental health in to sort the problem.”

She added: “There is a company that can offer people help in hardship and we have advised Ms Dunton to contact them.”

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