Leeds MP’s new hygiene campaign

Andrea Jenkyns
Andrea Jenkyns
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A Leeds MP is launching a new campaign to promote good hand hygiene in a bid to beat infections.

Morley and Outwood MP Andrea Jenkyns, who is the chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Patient Safety, will launch her drive called Handz in Parliament tomorrow.

It aims to promote good hygiene in primary school pupils before moving in to local care settings and hospitals.

She said: “I have personal experience of loss as a cause of poor hygiene in a hospital.

“In 2011, I lost my Dad, Clifford, to the hospital superbug MRSA. He had contracted the infection during a simple procedure to drain fluid from his lungs, which was conducted in a dirty, unsuitable room where they stored the mops.

“What I saw when he was being cared for truly shocked me. I observed endemic ignorance of proper hand hygiene procedure. On one particularly startling occasion, a nurse came into Dad’s room to administer an antibiotic cream up his nose. Without washing her own hands, she put the cream on her finger, put it up Dad’s nose, and moved straight on to the next patient.”

It was shortly after her father’s death that the Conservative MP began working with charity MRSA Action UK.

She added: “We must also look at the direct implications on the Health Service, especially as we head toward the usual winter pressures that come from infections such as flu.

“There are new and growing pressures on the NHS, and as these grow people must take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

“Good hand hygiene is key to ensuring that you not only don’t pass on illnesses.”