Leeds motorists are urged to go electric and save a packet in fuel bills

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Motorists in Leeds are missing out on savings of almost £273 million every year by not taking advantage of ultra low emission electric motoring, new research has revealed.

The figures show that while the average cost to fuel a petrol or diesel car is around 12p-per-mile – the equivalent cost for an ultra low emission vehicle is just 2p-per-mile.

With the average car travelling around 7,500 miles each year, the difference in annual spend between the two options is a substantial £7,505. That equates to hundreds of millions of pounds across the city’s 363,000 cars.

The figures from the government and industry-backed Go Ultra Low campaign are particularly pertinent to Leeds, as the West Yorkshire Combined Authority is one of 12 shortlisted locations bidding to become a Go Ultra Low City later this year. It is in the mix for a potential share of £35 million to help increase uptake of electric motoring across the area.

To help promote cost-efficient motoring even further, Go Ultra Low has enlisted the support of a raft of experts to provide Leeds consumers with handy hints and tips such as winding up windows, de-cluttering car boots and smooth acceleration. They have been put together with the aim of helping consumers enjoy the thrill of driving, but on a tighter budget.

Go Ultra Low’s panel is led by money-saving Ashleigh Swan and also includes automotive journalists, senior industry figures and current electric car owners.

Mum-of-three Ashleigh said: “Like millions of other parents across the UK, I know that ferrying the kids around can be an expensive business. Fuel bills are the most noticeable regular outlay, and every time we pull up at a petrol station, my husband and I wince at the price of a full tank.

“Discovering the thrill of travelling in an electric car, as well as the extremely low running costs that come with it, has been a real eye-opener.”