Leeds mosque holding open day in response to 'hate crimes against Muslims'

Leeds Grand Mosque
Leeds Grand Mosque
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A Leeds mosque is holding an open day event in response to the 'increasing number of hate crimes against Muslims' in the UK.

Leeds Grand Mosque is holding a 'Visit My Mosque' Day on Sunday.

A spokesman for the mosque said: "We are concerned with the increasing number of hate crimes against Muslims and Islam in the UK.

"This is an opportunity to understand the Islamic faith from our perspective.

"For most non-Muslims, the only Islamic education they receive through the media alone.

"For this reason, our aim is to attract people from all walks of life, young and old, black and white, male and females to the event so that they are equipped with the true knowledge and values of Islam. It is an ideal opportunity to fully engage with Muslims.

"We at Leeds Grand Mosque would like to send a special invitation to you and open our doors to the wider public for an open day event for all. You are invited with your family, friends and colleagues to come and find out more about the Islamic faith.

"The "Visit My Mosque" day is an ideal opportunity for you to engage at a event to develop your knowledge and understanding of what it means to be a Muslim.

Date and Time: Sunday 5th Feb 4pm - 6:30pm; Leeds Central Mosque, 9 Woodsley Road, Leeds LS6 1SN