Leeds man on trial for one-punch manslaughter feared stabbing

Gerard Adeshida. PIC: Ross Parry Agency
Gerard Adeshida. PIC: Ross Parry Agency
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A MAN charged with the one-punch manslaughter of an identical twin in a Leeds street has four previous convictions for violent offences, a jury was told.

Leeds Crown Court heard all the previous offences involved David Powell, 27, punching or hitting people to the face.

Powell, 27, is on trial charged with the manslaughter of 37-year-old identical Gerard Adeshida.

Powell, of Clovelly Grove, Beeston, said he punched Mr Adeshida in the jaw on Ladypit Lane at Beeston in self defence just after 6pm on August 23, because he feared he would be stabbed

Mr Adeshida, of Waverley Garth, Beeston, fell back and hit his head on the road, causing a skull fracture and fatal brain injury.

The court has heard Gerard and his identical twin brother Keiron were “probably alcoholics” and had been drinking strong cider before going out to meet a friend on August 23.

Giving evidence, Powell said he had been driving in the Beeston area with two others and had parked up on Ladypit Lane because he had driven over a speed bump and had heard a bang.

He said he was concerned he had damaged his car and had got out when he was approached by two men who were shouting and swearing.

Powell said one of the men, Keiron Adeshida, took hold of his arms while the second man, Gerard Adeshida, said: “I will cut you” and swore at him.

Powell told the jury: “I thought I was going to get stabbed.”

Prosecutors say Gerard Adeshida had sworn loudly at the car as it passed and that Powell jumped out and approached the brothers with fists clenched.

Keiron Adeshida has told the court he was apologising to Powell for his brother’s behaviour and was holding Powell’s forearms in a bid to defuse the situation.

Prosecutor, Jonathan Sharp asked Powell: “That punch, I would suggest to you, was not delivered in self defence.”

Powell replied: “There was no other reason for it, It was strictly to defend myself.” Proceeding.