Leeds man jailed following drugs haul seizure

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Police seized heroin with a street value of up to £100,000 when they stopped a car in the centre of Leeds last month.

Officers were suspicious when they saw an exchange between a taxi driver and a man in a Vauxhall Corsa around 5.45pm on January 14 in Edderthorpe Street, Bradford.

Andrew Horton prosecuting told Leeds Crown Court they decided to follow the car driven by Curtis Junior Dhers and when the vehicle was eventually stopped about 45 minutes later in Claypit Lane, in Leeds.

He tried to ram the police car when he was initially stopped but missed and then refused to show his hands and a taser was used before he was taken out of the car and arrested.

Mr Horton said the vehicle was searched and in the front passenger footwell three compressed blocks of brown powder were found which turned out to be 1.49 kilogrammes of heroin over 50 per cent pure.

The average purity in West Yorkshire is 33 per cent and depending whether it was later adulterated or not it would be worth between £30,000 to £100,000.

Mr Horton said officers also recovered two mobile phones and a quantity of Latex gloves in the car and two mobile phones were found on Dhers.

The court heard he was liable for a minimum sentence because of previous convictions for supplying crack cocaine and heroin in 2005 and in 2010 for conspiracy to supply cocaine.

Matthew Harding for Dhers said he realised the position he was in but there was no evidence he was living a lavish lifestyle enjoying the trappings of drug profits, which would support his claim that he was not a major player.

“Those who are major players of bulk quantities rarely transport them from city to city themselves,” he said.

Dhers, 27 of Francis Street, Chapeltown, Leeds admitted possession with intent to supply. Jailing him for eight years, Judge Geoffrey Marson QC said: “The supply of Class A drugs is an evil and wicked trade which brings misery to those addicted to it.”

“The courts day in, day out, deal with people who rob, burgle and steal in order to fund their habits.”

He said Dhers was found in possession of nearly one and half kilogrammes of heroin.