Leeds man facing police charges found electrocuted

A MAN facing criminal charges was found dead in the bath after being electrocuted by his radio.

Police discovered Kevin Conlon had been dead for up to three days when they forced their way into his Leeds flat.

An radio was also submerged beneath the water with the cable plugged into the mains.

An inquest heard how Mr Conlon, 42, had been arrested days earlier over claims he had been harassing his sister.

Months before his death, his flat on Upper Wortley Road, had been surrounded by armed police after he claimed to have a gun in his house.

He was facing charges of wasting police time over the incident.

Leeds Coroner's Court heard how Mr Conlon had a long history of drug and alcohol addiction and was on medication for depression at the time of his death on August 16 last year.

In 2002 he had his right leg amputated after taking an overdose.

In a statement read to the court, neighbour Lesley Moss said Mr Conlon had told him he had felt as if he "couldn't go on any more" as he was unable to sleep.

Mr Moss said he had tried to talk him round and told him to "keep his chin up."

He last saw Mr Conlon three days before his death.

On August 16 police went to his flat to issue a harassment warning after his sister complained that he had turned up at her home and there had been a struggle when he refused to leave. He also left abusive messages on her answer machine.

Police found the house in darkness apart from a flicker of light coming from inside.

His body was discovered after access to the property was gained.

He had to be identified by his finger prints.

A pathologist's report confirmed that he had died from electrocution.

Deputy assistant coroner Richard Manning recorded an open verdict.

He said: "Whether this was an accident while he was listening to music while in the bath, or he had reached a point in his life where he was so unhappy he has decided to end it, we can't be sure."