Leeds loves a brew to start working day

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It is the most important part of the working day, the City Buzz desk certainly does not start operating without one - a morning cup of tea.

And it appears I am not the only one in the city.

A survey by Ebuyer.com has compiled the definitive guide to the nation’s tea habits and Leeds workers are the biggest consumers of hot drinks during working hours, with almost a quarter drinking multiple hot drinks during the day.

Of 2,000 UK workers surveyed, the findings revealed that almost half start off their day with a cup of tea, with coffee being a morning staple for 46 per cent.

But, the office tea round can be the biggest source of office politics never mind meeting those sales targets or increasing customer databases.

Leeds workers came second in a poll of those who admitted avoiding doing the tea-round for colleagues.

Some excuses were ‘I’ve just painted my fingernails’, ‘I don’t know how the kettle works’, ‘I’m allergic to water’ and ‘I don’t know how to make tea’.

Amy Davies from Leeds said: “I have very sensitive skin and always fear I will ruin my nails. I don’t even do washing up.”

Another Leeds worker said: “I do know how to make tea, but I don’t drink it, so how would I know if I’d made a rubbish cup for someone or not?

“As I’d rather not spoil their tea experience, I use this to bow out of taking responsibility for the quality of someone’s tea.”

David Jones from Ebuyer said: “As a provider of office supplies to businesses around the UK, we were really interested to find out more about the nation’s drinking habits at work. It is surprising just how reliant the nation is on a brew in the morning. It can be daunting to make a large tea round but we would recommend a better excuse than a phantom allergy.”