Leeds Love Island star Simon Searles in shock exit

Simon Searles
Simon Searles
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After a shock dumping from the villa in Wednesday's show, Leeds contestant Simon Searles has left Love Island.

The 28-year-old, who worked at Union Barbers in Hyde Park, came last in a public vote for the most compatible couple in the villa. The Islanders then chose to evict him from the house.

Obviously there was some drama between you and Montana in the villa. How do you feel about her now?

It feels like the attraction could have grown into more of a physical one. The physical attraction wasn't there as much as it was with other people in the villa but the way I got along with Montana, I don't think I could actually get on with a girl more. She was a lot like myself so it was rubbish really, I would have liked to see where me and Montana could have gone. If I could do it again I would just give my time to Montana fully.

How do you feel after leaving the villa?

I feel good, I'm excited to see my friends and family. I'm gutted it was short-lived and I would have enjoyed a little bit more time in there but it has still been a wicked experience and I've made some really good friends so I'm sure I'll be in contact with a lot of them for a long time.

And who did you click with the most in the villa?

The two lads that I spent the most time with were probably Dom and Jonny. Jonny was my closest friend in there because he looked after me from the start and made me feel really welcome. He is a proper gentleman. Out of the girls, Montana was my best friend in there she is class.

How is Jonny following the drama around him and Camilla and Tyla?

He seems good. I think he feels like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders with Camilla. He genuinely wanted to see where it went with Camilla because she is a lovely person. Jonny is a really nice guy and on paper they really match up but I think he wanted a bit more excitement when he was in there. Tyla has really caught his eye. He just wanted to give Tyla a shot. I told him to go for it in the first place, no disrespect to Camilla, I said he should give her a shot. He didn't look like he was going to take the opportunity so I thought I would end up moving in on Tyla even though I knew Jonny was more Tyla's type. It sort of backfired a bit when Jonny stepped up after I chose her but I always said I'd never be in competition with Jonny over anything. It just unfolded in a way that meant that I got dumped from the Island. It was quite unlucky really.

How is Dom doing without Jess?

I think Dom's mood goes up and down throughout the day. After the news he received about the Jess and Mike rumours I tried to put things in perspective for him. We are quite similar, we are from the same place, I felt like we understand each other and for the most part, I just tried to lift his mood. He was feeling a bit low about it, he didn't know any facts he just knew rumours and he missed her a lot. I think his feelings for Jess are very genuine, I can see why he is struggling in there but I think he is adamant he's not going to couple up with anyone romantically in there, he's just going to enjoy the experience. I think he'll miss me in there because sometimes he confided in me because we understood each other.

If you had to put a bet on one of the couples to be engaged by this time next year, who would it be?

Gabby and Marcel definitely!

What is your standout memory from being in the villa?

The laughs we had in there. I never thought it was possible to be such close friends with people after a week. You feel like crying when you're leaving them and they feel like family so I think all the laughs that we had, the experience as a whole was wicked. It's something I'll always remember and I just wish it lasted a bit longer.

Have you got any regrets about your time in the villa?

It's quite intense in there and you need to let people know your feelings and there is a big emphasis on being honest. I feel like I was honest but my only regret is, I wish I'd given Montana more time. I think she's a really good girl and we did get along really so that's my regret.

If you had to say one couple or person was playing the game more than anyone else, who would you say that was?

Amber but at the same time she is just back and forth in her own head as well. I don't think she's maliciously playing the game, she just isn't 100 per cent on Kem but then Kem is her safety blanket in there and at times she feels she does need him because it's important to have that connection in there.

What Islander can you see going all the way to win the show - single or currently coupled up?

Other than Marcel and Gabby who are a solid couple, I think Montana. She is such a nice a person, whoever gets her would be lucky. The best thing would be for the right guy to go in there, they both connect and I think she will go all the way definitely.


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