Leeds ‘lagging behind’ on transport technology

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LEEDS is falling behind other UK cities when it comes to people using their smartphones to get from A to B as quickly as possible, according to a survey.

Leeds, Sheffield and Bradford were among the lowest ranked in an analysis of the “smartest” UK cities for commuters.

In Bradford, 67 per cent regularly use their phone to access information about bus and train times or for buying tickets or finding out about traffic jams.

The figure for Leeds was 70 per cent and Sheffield 69 per cent.

This compares to the best-connected city, Edinburgh, where 88 per cent of those surveyed use their phone to access transport data.

The survey, by technology firm Xerox, said people in Leeds spent an average 10 minutes looking for a city centre parking space. The shortest parking time of 12 cities was Sheffield at just under eight minutes.

David Jones, a spokesman for Xerox, said the research indicated that size of city had little to do with creating opportunities with mobile technology.

“Edinburgh, Brighton and Glasgow are notable examples of cities that are deploying accurate information and open data in ways that are becoming pre-requisites for modern city mobility.”

The research concluded that adequate parking for cars is critical to city centres.

Phil Blythe, professor of intelligent transport systems at Newcastle University, said the public wanted to use mobile technology to improve transport use.

“I hope these findings will encourage cities to adopt and roll out new technologies in an effective way.”

The research estimated that, in Leeds, the cost of using public transport was 76p a mile, while running a car worked out as a more costly 97p a mile.