Leeds lads’ app to get volunteers

APP DEVELOPERS: Matthew Hall (left) James Hall, Joe Collier and Ged Savva by Leeds Town Hall.
APP DEVELOPERS: Matthew Hall (left) James Hall, Joe Collier and Ged Savva by Leeds Town Hall.
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A group of lads from Leeds have created a new app to address the need for a modern approach to community volunteering.

The Valla app was founded by enthusiastic volunteers who were frustrated with the overcomplicated nature of finding opportunities close to them.

The app’s brainchild James Hall said: “Every time we looked for a volunteering opportunity, we found ourselves asking questions such as ‘Where should I look for opportunities?’ ‘How can I apply?’ ‘Why do you need to know all this information about me?’ and ‘What about if I want to do it with my friends?’

“Valla answers all of these questions and removes unnecessary complexity by providing a platform to connect volunteers to those in need of their help, whether they are individuals, charities, events or organisations.”

Valla works like a dating app, ensuring people find the perfect match through a GPS function. It is free to use, anyone can sign-up to create an opportunity, share it and become a ‘Vallanteer’.

The team behind the app, James and Matthew Hall, Joe Collier and Ged Savva, come from different professional backgrounds, including a utilities technology company and a marketing agency. They each share a passion for making volunteering more relevant and widening participation to enable stronger communities and create lasting legacies.

Valla will also generate value for medium to large organisations making use of the platform for company corporate social responsibility.

Businesses will be able to see what sectors their staff are helping out in, the time they’re spending doing it and the skills they are building. It can also judge effectiveness. The app is available for download in the App Store and Google Play.