Leeds: Just loving to cut food waste

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Leeds families are being encouraged to save cash by cutting down on food waste as part of a national campaign.

Love Food Hate Waste have launched the Big Freeze to advise people how they can make use of their freezers to bring down household bills.

A Big Freeze roadshow is coming to Briggate on Saturday, October 17, with demonstrations on how to make 
tasty meals using defrosted food and tips on which foods are suitable for freezing. Food waste can cost a family around £60 a month after out-of-date items have been thrown away.

There will be interactive games, giveaways and competitions designed to help people make the most of the freezer and enjoy mixing and 
matching their frozen and fresh food.


“As we look for ways to save money on our household bills, many of us aren’t aware that food waste not only hits us in the pocket but also has a serious impact on the environment.

“No good food needs to go to waste and it’s easy for us all to make a difference. Love Food Hate Waste has some great tips, recipes, tools and solutions to help you join the growing number of people across Leeds who are reducing their food waste and saving money today,” said Emma Marsh from Love Food Hate Waste.

The project is backed by Asda and the University of Leeds. Almost half of the UK’s food waste comes from homes, amounting to seven million tonnes per year.

The campaign also focuses on educating shoppers about when food is safe to eat to prevent it being wasted unnecessarily.