Leeds jewellery experts hosting valuations say forgotten family treasures could be worth millions

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PEOPLE in Leeds could be sitting on a small fortune with their forgotten family heirlooms.

Now a Leeds auction house is urging residents to snap up the chance to have an experienced specialist make a home visit to provide up-to-date market valuations for their unwanted jewellery.

Simon Mitchell, jewellery specialist at Bonhams Leeds, said: “Many people are paying high premiums to insure pieces that are rarely, if ever, worn. They are either sitting in a jewellery box at home or in a bank.

“Recently, a gentleman sought Bonhams’ advice with his family legacy of 88 pieces of period jewellery dating from the late 19th century.

“The extraordinary collection had been relegated to a safety deposit box without the family realising the pieces had increased significantly in value. We reviewed the collection [...] and the gentleman was absolutely delighted when we told him the final sale total had exceeded one million pounds.”

To contact a Bonhams jewellery specialist, visit www.bonhams.com/jewelleryinjune.

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