Leeds is top spot for university graduates

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For the city’s thousands of students, the next few weeks will be all about exams and the rush to hand in final year dissertations and course work.

But after a well-deserved summer of celebration, it will soon be time to decide where to look for jobs and where to live.

And according to new research, they don’t need to look too far - as Leeds has been named the number one place to be a graduate in the UK.

Property website, TheHouseShop.com examined data from various factors, compared them against other cities and found that Leeds topped the polls for having the best average graduate salary, jobs available, cost of living, property prices and of course, the price of a pint.

Leeds also dominated in the housing factors that were analysed, having the cheapest rents and house prices.

The report says with a relatively high average graduate salary of £25,000 (£19,594 after tax), graduates in Leeds could expect to take home £1,632.89 per month. Taking away a share for rent in a four-bed home, basic utilities, wifi and student loan repayments, graduates would still be left with £1,160 disposable income in their pockets.

While London had a higher average salary (£29,000), so was the cost of living with a four bed rental price of £4,953 pcm

Nick Marr, co-founder of TheHouseShop.com said: “Our report has shown students shouldn’t be blinded by the bright lights of London and should look further afield for the best quality of life.

“With its affordability, high average graduate salary, vibrant culture and active nightlife to enjoy on the weekends, Leeds is a fantastic place to live and work for soon-to-be graduates and is a deserving winner as this year’s top spot.”

The data for the second annual survey was compiled in April this year.