Leeds is sixth on the list for first time driving test fails

FIGURE: The amount of people taking their driving test has decreased by 500,000 over the past ten years. PIC: Monkey Business Images
FIGURE: The amount of people taking their driving test has decreased by 500,000 over the past ten years. PIC: Monkey Business Images
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Leeds is in a list of the top ten least successful places for passing your driving test first time.

Only a third of the learners at the Leeds Test Centre made the grade at their first attempt, according to a new survey.

The Car People have analysed data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) to find the most and least successful places to take your test.

A spokeswoman for the used car retailer said: “Realistically, passing your test is all down to your knowledge, skill and practise – after analysing the ONS data it is clear to see that the busier the town/city, the lower the pass rate.”

In Leeds only 33.7 per cent passed first time while in Kendal, Cumbria 67.8 per cent were successful. Another Cumbrian town, Barrow in Furness, was the second highest. But four test centres in London and two in Manchester featured in the least successful list.

According to the ONS, the amount of people taking their driving test in the UK has decreased by 500,000 over the past ten years. Although less people are taking their test, the quality of learner drivers has increased – the amount of people passing their test with zero faults has doubled over nine years.

Jonathan Allbones, sales director of Thecarpeople.co.uk, said: “It’s great that so many more people are passing first time, however it just goes to show the benefit of passing first time has on learners wallets.

“My advice to any learner driver at present is to be patient, practise your driving skills and take your test only when you feel fully prepared.”

In 2015/2016 alone, failed first time driving tests cost learners £23,814,200. Learners in Goodmayes, London, had the highest amount of first time driving tests in 2015/2016 with 10,361 but 6,504 failed, meaning Goodmayes alone spent £403,248 on failed driving tests.

There were 1,252,871 tests in 2016/2017, 52.8 per cent of these were failed. Last year failed tests cost learners £42,995,810.


The overall pass rate in Leeds was 34.9 per cent between April and December 2016

The male pass rate was 39.1 per cent, while the female pass rate was 31.1 per cent.

During that eight-month period 5,289 people took their test and 3,443 failed. This means £213,466 was spent on failed tests in Leeds.

In neighbouring Wakefield the overall pass rate was 46.3 per cent for the same period.

In Bradford the test centre at Thornbury had 43.5 per cent and Heaton 40.5 percent. York scored 52.5 per cent for its pass rate, while Hull’s success rate was 48.6 per cent.

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