Leeds is home to nation’s biggest softies

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Leeds has been revealed to be home to some of the nation’s biggest softies - with 62 per cent admitting to still owning their childhood teddy bear.

A new study has revealed Leeds has more sensitive types still hugging their beloved bear, than other cities including Cardiff, with 40 per cent, and Edinburgh, with 14 per cent.

Among Leeds’ softies is Gary Logan, 28, a senior recruitment consultant for critical care recruitment.

He admits he still owns and sleeps with his childhood teddy bear.

“I have had Brown Bear for 27 years and he was bought by mum after my first bear, Snowy died a horrible death in the washing machine!

“I still sleep with Brown Bear as I can’t bear to part with him and find having him next to me helps me to sleep.

“I think my friends used to find it a bit strange when I was growing up but now they’re used to seeing him in my room. I can’t see myself ever parting with Brown Bear and would be really upset if anything was to happen to him – he’s never gone near a washing machine that’s for sure!”

The survey was carried out by online bed retailer Time4Sleep. Its director Jonathan Warren said: “It’s surprising that so many people in Leeds still own their childhood cuddly toy but it’s nice to discover that so many feel nostalgic about their teddy bears and that people simply can’t bear to part with them!

“Many of us crave some type of comfort during the night, whether that’s from a partner, a blanket or a teddy bear. We have an emotional attachment to items that remind us of our youth and teddy bears remind us of safety and security against our childhood nightmares. Feeling calm and relaxed, however you achieve this, can result in a deeper, more refreshing night’s sleep

Time4Sleep has also launched a competition to find the nation’s most loved teddy bear. For competition details, visit https://www.time4sleep.co.uk/blog/the-uks-most-loved-teddy-bear/