Leeds health workers break out the numbers to mark World Statistics Day

Health and Social Care Information Centre staff present statistics for World Statistics Day. Picture by Victor De Jesus.
Health and Social Care Information Centre staff present statistics for World Statistics Day. Picture by Victor De Jesus.
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Number crunchers in Leeds, who help inform massive NHS decisions, have broken out some of their best figures to mark World Statistics Day.

The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), which has its national headquarters in Leeds city centre, publishes more than 260 statistical pieces of research every year to help health service bosses analyse trends.

The service’s Trevelyan Square offices are being opened up to showcase some of the statistics produced and offer an insight into how numbers help to inform decisions in Leeds tonight.

The events are hoped to encourage university graduates and statistical analysts in the region to consider the benefits of a career in statistics.

Kathryn Knight, an analytical section head at the HSCIC, said: “The vast range of data we get to work with is exciting, and the context of health makes it really interesting. Our Leeds based staff are a vital part of the production of this information and should be very proud of the role they play in forming a national picture of health and social care.”

Among the mind-bending statistics produced by the HSCIC, an arms length Government organisation with 1,700 staff in Leeds, are that in 2013-14 there were almost 15.5million finished hospital admission episodes nationally, including 687,836 in the West Yorkshire NHS Area Team.

Statisticians and information analysts are taking a special open session at HSCIC’s Trevelyan Square offices, in Boar Lane, tonight before a second session led by developers, system engineers and business analysts will then take place at the Leeds Open Data Institute, in Duke Street, tomorrow from 5.30pm. Email ddcrecruitment@hscic.gov.uk to book a place for tomorrow’s event.


- There were 8,069 hip replacements and 9,240 knee replacements in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

- There were 14 per cent more knee operations per 100,000 of the population aged 10 or over in the Yorkshire and Humber Region than the national average.

- 50 per cent of patients with learning disabilities receiving care in the North Yorkshire and Humber NHS Area Team were being cared for within 50km of their home address – this figure was 85 per cent for patients receiving care in the West Yorkshire NHS Area Team.

- Nationally, there were 1,845,801 requests for adult social care support for new clients actioned by councils – an average of just over 5,000 new requests actioned per day.

- Leeds City Council actioned 32,250 requests, of which 22,495 were related to adults aged 65 and over.