Leeds hairdresser and brother jailed over drink drive lies

Alexis Cavell.
Alexis Cavell.

A hair stylist has been jailed along with her brother over lies they told to police after she was arrested for being almost three times over the drink drive limit.

Alexis Cavell, 32, had been at a party to celebrate being accepted into university to study for a teaching qualification in hairdressing when she got behind the wheel and collided with another vehicle.

Leeds Crown Court heard Cavell, a Leeds hair salon owner, had spent the day drinking Pimms when she got into her Suzuki and collided with a Mercedes on Roundhay Road, Leeds, on June 26 this year.

Robert Galley, prosecuting, said she scraped the wing of the other vehicle but failed to stop.

She was followed by the driver of the Mercedes as she continued to swerve across the road and drive in the wrong lane.

The driver pulled in front of Cavell’s car and forced her to stop and she became abusive and aggressive.

Mr Galley said the man took the keys from the ignition of Cavell’s car as he was concerned about her being drunk.

Cavell’s brother arrived at the scene in a taxi shortly before police arrested her.

She was taken to Elland Road police station where a test showed she was almost three times over the limit.

Cavell was interviewed about the incident and claimed her brother had been driving the car. He was also interviewed and told officers he had been driving.

Mr Galley said George’s account had been unclear and he refused to answer further questions from officers.

He returned to the police station on September 4 and admitted that he had not been the driver.

He said that he had lied to protect his sister because she was a single mother and had her own business.

Alexis, of Simmons Way, Harehills, pleaded guilty to perverting justice and drink driving. The court heard she has a previous conviction for drink driving.

George Cavell, also of Simmons Way, pleaded guilty to perverting justice.

Andrew Foley, for Alexis, said she owned her own hairdressing salon and had been celebrating with family members after being given a university place to study for a certificate of education.

He said: “It was a particularly happy event which turned out to be a disaster.”

He added: “She had been drinking Pimms and lemonade and must have known the effect of that at the time given the amount that was in her system.

Judge Penelope Belcher jailed them both for six months.

She told Alexis: “Whether or not your brother says he was driving doesn’t matter. It was your decision. you chose to lie, you cannot blame him.

“You were the one who chose to maintain this and try to avoid the consequences of the fact that you were driving over the limit.

“I regret I am not prepared to suspend the sentence for either of you.”