Leeds greenbelt battlers step up the fight

Rawdon Billing.
Rawdon Billing.
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Campaigners fighting to preserve green belt in Leeds have stepped up their battle.

Rawdon Billing has been identified as land that could be used for development as part of an exercise by Leeds City Council.

Furious campaigners have formed an action group to fight the potential impact of development of the greenbelt site owned by the Rawdon Trust.

Members of Rawdon Billing Action Group have submitted a report to Leeds City Council demonstrating how the land continues to meet greenbelt criteria.

The owners of the green belt site, The Rawdon Trust, have put forward their bid for the 98 hectares of land to be included in the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment.

But campaigners are encouraging locals to write to the council’s planning department and local councillors to voice their concerns about the potential loss of the land.

Briony Spandler from the group said: “Public support is vital to safeguard the future of this green asset.

“Many locals have already signed the group’s petition opposing the potential development but, because this only counts as a single objection, it is still important to write individually to local councillors and the Planning Department.”

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