Leeds granddad's pride at new book

For years David Poulter had plenty of ideas for a story but never had the confidence to put pen to paper.

But after the birth of his grandson he decided once and for all that he would beat his battle with dyslexia.

Mr Poulter, 59, from Bardsey, Leeds, used his memories of his old green Mini Minor that he owned in the sixties to make his first children's book Morris and Mini Minor and Friends.

And now he dreams of the day that he can read his very own book to 19-month-old Frank.

Mr Poulter said: "The story-writing started years ago because I used to think up different tales in my head but the inspiration was when my grandson was born.

"Ideas had been bubbling around but I never really put them onto paper.

"When Frank was born it gave me the courage to put into words stories that, from lack of confidence due to dyslexia, had been held only in my imagination until now."

Making the book was very much a family affair because Mr Poulter's youngest daughter Sarah penned the designs for what Morris and Mini Minor would look like.

It tells the story of two magical cars, who become best friends, and the adventures they share on the open road.

In the first tale the duo take a trip to the seaside but little Mini gets stuck on a slipway and it becomes a race against time to save her.

Mr Poulter now has more stories up his sleeve and he hopes that Morris and Mini Minor's adventures will continue.

He added: "Getting my thoughts down was very simple. It was getting them published that was the hardest part.

"When I saw the published book it felt like all the hard work was worthwhile.

"I have read little bits of it to my grandson but when he gets older I would like to read my book to him properly."

The book can be purchased from outlets in Wetherby including Castlegate Stationers and Castlegate Toys.

Copies can also be bought online at www.athenapress.com or Amazon or email: davidpoulter@hotmail.co.uk

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