Leeds GP surgery plan gets green light for 2015 completion

The site of the proposed medical centre
The site of the proposed medical centre
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NHS Bosses have approved a new medical centre in north Leeds which will be completed in 2015.

The plan for a new development in Moor Allerton has been in the pipeline for years but it has been hindered by the final go-ahead until now. The practice will include the merger of two existing surgeries Alwoodly.

The new medical centre will be built on King Lane, near the entrance to the Moor Allerton Centre, and it will take over the site of a disused bus turn-around.

There are currently three GP practices in the area, that provide care for some communities which are amongst the most deprived in Leeds.

Andy Buck, NHS England’s West Yorkshire Director, said: “NHS England are working with Moorcroft and Nursery Lane GP practices to develop a new medical centre for their patients.

“The practices have appointed a developer to work with them to design and build the facility.”

He added: “The practices will be reimbursed for the costs of the new building by NHS England.”

Moor Allerton currently has no GP practice in the area and its residents have in the past had to travel into Alwoodley and beyond in order to see a doctor, midwife or nurse.

Graham Agar has lived in Moor Allerton for 15 years and attends a GP practice in Alwoodley.

He said the current GP practices were “out of date” and “more like bungalows than practices.”

Mr Agar, 51, of Cranmer Bank Hill, said: “It’s about time.

“I think it will be so much better if they build a new medical centre on King Lane.

“It’s so awkward at the moment for me just to get to my doctors.

“If it makes it nearer for me to walk then that will be a lot easier.” .

There are already two GP practices in Alwoodley – Moorcroft Surgery on King Lane and Nursery Lane practice on Nursery Lane – which will be combining and moving to the new site.

Janet Coulton, 54, of Blackmoor Road in Moor Allerton, said: “I’ve lived here for more than 20 years and I can’t see it being a problem as long as there are enough spaces for the amount of patients in the area.

“Obviously we’ve all got doctors we like to see and I think you might get a bit of resistance from some folk, especially if they can’t see their regular GP anymore.”

She added: “People don’t always like change in this area.”

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