Leeds gives Corbyn a run for his money in Twitter’s top hashtags

Twitter in the UK may have been dominated by the general election in 2015 - but Leeds gave it a run for its money.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 7th December 2015, 10:49 am
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

The top four hashtags relating to politics were all linked to the general election, while Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader also featured heavily.

1. #GE2015

2. #LeadersDebate

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3. #UKIP

4. #Labour

5. #Syria

6. #SNP

Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne of One Direction

7. #Leadership

8. #EU

9. #BBCDebate

10. #Corbyn

The hashtag #JeSuisParis, used to show solidarity with the French capital in the wake of its second terrorist attack, marked the most talked of moment of the year on Twitter

London topped the list of the most mentioned places, with Essex, and its seaside town of Southend, also in the top three, and Leeds in sixth place.

1. #London

2. #Essex

3. #Southend

4. #Manchester

5. #Scotland

6. #Leeds

7. #Birmingham

8. #Liverpool

9. #Brighton

10. #Edinburgh

Twitter’s review of the year reveals that the I am Paris hashtag, with #PrayForParis were the most used in 2015 after two terror attacks in the city in 10 months.

This was followed by the Black Lives Matter movement, which began in the US and has become a social campaign discussing alleged police brutality against black citizens. The hashtag or phrase was used more than nine million times in 2015.

In both the US and Ireland this year, same-sex marriage was legalised nationally, and as a result #MarriageEquality appears third on Twitter’s list. The companion trends #HomeToVote, used by Irish citizens who returned to the country to support the motion, and #LoveWins which trended on June 26 when the US Supreme Court confirmed the legalisation.

Tweets from all four members of One Direction are among the top 10 most retweeted Twitter posts of 2015 - with Harry Styles at number one.

In sport, the Rugby World Cup, hosted by England, was the biggest trend, with Formula One second as Lewis Hamilton won his third World Championship. Hashtags for The FA Cup, Premier League and Champions League completed the top five.

1. #RWC2015

2. #F1

3. #FACup

4. #BPL

5. #UCL

6. #Wimbledon

7. #WWE

8. #DeadlineDay

9. #ENG

10. #FIFA