Leeds gipsy youngsters' original take on famous horse event

Young people from travelling families in Leeds have made a film about the famous Appleby Horse Fair. Watch video here.

The film, to be launched in Leeds, is believed to be the first of its kind made from the viewpoint of travelling people.

The launch of the DVD is in the Foyer Room at the Carriageworks Theatre in Leeds city centre from 2.30 to 4.30 today.

The group of 10 young people who made the film all work with the city council-backed Leeds Gipsy and Traveller Exchange in Holbeck.

The film shows interviews with people involved in the annual horse fair in Cumbria.

They include the local police, members of the Appleby Fair committee, locals from the town and older members of the travelling communities.

Helen Jones of the Gipsy and Traveller Exchange said: "What is unique about the film is that it is an 'insiders' view of this traditional gipsy and traveller event.

"It has provided an opportunity for the young people to explore and share this aspect of their own culture."

The young travellers worked with Manchester-based film festival group NOISE to make the film.

Denise Proctor from NOISE said: "Documentaries of the gipsy and traveller communities have been filmed before, but rarely by the young people from within the community.

"This project enabled young gipsies to create a record of their culture from their own point of view."

The hour-long film is entitled Krush on the Drom, drawn from the languages of Irish Travellers and Romany Gypsies and means "go down the road."

The young people are: Teresa Birtle, Marni Cannon, David Birtle, Sharmaine Reynolds, Roseanne Price, Mary-Joyce Price, Kathleen Anne Boswell, Cizzier Cannon, TJ Cannon, and Sam Wilkinson, all aged between 11 and 21.