Leeds fraudster stole cash from his dying father

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A MAN who “plundered” his dying father’s bank account after gaining legal control of his finances when he suffered a stroke has been sent to jail.

Jones, of Otley Road, Guiseley, was jailed for six months after pleading guilty to fraud.

Leeds Crown Court heard the offending took place between June and December 2013 during the final year of his father’s life.

Martin Robertshaw, prosecuting, said Jones applied to the Court of Protection and was made a deputy in respect of his father’s finances after he was admitted to a care home and was unable to look after his own affairs.

Part of his duties included looking after his father’s financial commitments that he was incapable of dealing with himself.

Mr Robertshaw said: “This defendant chose to use his father’s monies for his own purposes. During the period in question, as part of a course of conduct, he plundered his father’s bank account, extracting in total £22,034.”

The offending came to light after his father’s death when the executors of his will noticed missing was money.

Jones was given the opportunity of returning some of the money but was unable to do so and police were contacted. Michael Walsh, mitigating, said: “Mr Jones is a man of limited finances and over the course of a period of months temptation did get the better of him.

“At the time he was labouring under the misapprehension that the money was his share of what would come to him in due course.”

Recorder Mark Gargan said: “It was an abuse of trust placed in you by your father, and an abuse of trust placed in you by your siblings and it was an abuse of trust placed in you by the court.”