Leeds fraudster is forced to sell her caravan

Janet Parker.
Janet Parker.
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A “wicked and amoral” woman who made more than £65,000 by fleecing elderly women out of their life savings has been told to pay back just over £2,000 to her victims.

Janet Parker, 55, was jailed for three years last October after she plundered the bank accounts and forged signatures of the vulnerable victims she was entrusted to look after, including her severely ill mother-in-law.

Debt-ridden Parker used the cash to fund luxuries for her family, pay off rent arrears and debts to bailiffs and loan sharks.

A hearing at Leeds Crown Court under the Proceeds of Crime Act heard Parker benefitted to the tune of £65,446 from 18 offences of theft, one offence of fraud and one of forgery committed between 2008 and 2010.

But the only available assets she had to compensate her victims was £2,375, which comes from her owning half the equity of a caravan in Skegness. The Recorder of Leeds, judge Peter Collier QC ordered Parker to pay the sum within six month of face 40 days being added to her sentence.

Parker, of Acres Hall Avenue, Pudsey, obtained the bank cards and PIN numbers of Marjorie Moody, 77, and arranged for her pension to be transferred into her own accounts. She hid bank statements and forged documents to cover her trail. As a result Mrs Moody was left severely in debt and had furniture taken from her home and had her heating cut off.

Parker was also able to steal £700 from St David’s Church, Dewsbury Road, Beeston, by forging Mrs Moody’s signature as she was a signatory on the petty cash account.

She also conned money out of Mrs Moody’s 87-year-old sister, Irene Knowles, after being entrusted with her cash card. Her third victim was her mother-in-law Evelyn Parker, who had credit card bills run up in her name to pay for a holiday to Spain. She was suffering from bladder cancer at the time.

Sentencing judge Robert Bartfield described her as “wicked and amoral”. He said: “You have not really shown one grain of remorse. You are in my mind an exceptionally hard-hearted woman.”


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