Leeds football team nets unusual sponsor

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A JUNIOR football team has netted a new sponsor that’s sure to be music to their ears.

Wakefield-based band Skinny Living will be shirt sponsors for Carlton and Rothwell Giants Junior Football Club’s under-1os Thunder team.

Skinny Living band members with players from Carlton and Rothwell Giants JFC U10 team.

Skinny Living band members with players from Carlton and Rothwell Giants JFC U10 team.

The team’s kit will have the band’s details emblazoned on the back of their shirts.

Chris Makin, club chairman, came up with the idea and has offered the space for free at first to help raise the profile of both the band and the club.

He said: “This band have gone from a small local band to starting to tour in Europe.

“The rise has been quite astonishing over the past year.”

Speaking about the shirt sponsorship, he said: “I thought it was an ideal opportunity to promote them and get the club involved as well.

“It’s mutually beneficial for all of us. It’s a little bit different in a quirky sort of way. It’s unique.

“I like to see us as trailblazers.”

Youngsters at the club were also treated to an impromptu concert by the local lads on Saturday.

Chris added: “My team of 12 10-year-old boys are very boisterous, as you can imagine, but I have never seen them as quiet as they were for that hour.

“They were absolutely mesmerised by the whole thing.

“Afterwards, the band decided to down instruments and played football with the kids.

“They got royally shown up which was really quite amusing!”

Ryan Johnston, 27, lead singer of Skinny Living, said: “We are friends with a guy whose son is on the team.

“We haven’t heard of a band doing shirt sponsors before but it appealed to us because all of our songs are about life experiences - it’s not really focussed on girlfriends or head-in-the-clouds-type stuff.

“So it’s nice to share a good message with kids and influence them in a good way.”

The band also includes William Booth, 18, and Danny Hepworth, 19, on guitar, and Rhys Anderton, 22, on percussion.

More on the band

Skinny Living is a Wakefield-based band.

They have just finished a tour and have been playing all over the UK, Northern Ireland and Holland.

The band was recently supporting Dutch singer-songwriter Esme Denters, who was the first artist to be signed to Justin Timberlake’s label, called Tennman Records.

Skinny Living’s ‘Storybook’ tour ran from February 27 to April 5.

The single, Storybook, was broadcast to 500,000 people on the RTV Rijnmond radio station in Rotterdam for its launch.

It reached number 39 in the Amazon all genres chart and 69 in the iTunes pop chart.

For more about Skinny Living, visit www.skinnylivingmusic.co.uk.

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