Leeds’ football fans’ rituals to bring luck to their teams

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Have you got a pair of lucky pants, a ritual to bring good fortune or a superstition which you believe brings blessing to your sporting team?

Well, if you do you are not alone, as research has revealed that football fans in Leeds counting down to the World Cup will be reaching for lucky talismans and turning to tried and tested rituals to see their team take the title.

More than half of those surveyed in the city have a match-day superstition or ritual, with a third of fans from the city carrying charms for luck. One in ten insist on sitting in a ‘lucky’ seat, while 15 per cent will only drink from a special pint glass when watching the match. Items of clothing also proved popular good luck charms for 26 per cent – with 13 per cent admitted to donning ‘lucky undies’ and another 13 per cent wear a lucky t-shirt to watch the footie.

It’s not just the Leeds fans who believe in superstitions and rituals for luck – footballers love them too. Leeds United’s history of superstitions dates back to 1961, when manager Don Revie began wearing his ‘lucky’ blue suit, which he went on wear throughout his tenure at the club. Reportedly, England players Steven Gerrard and Theo Walcott both insist on wearing lucky boots and John Terry insists on donning a pair of shin pads given to him by teammate, Frank Lampard.

The research by Pringles also uncovered the tactics some fans from Leeds will be using to ensure they don’t miss an England match, with almost 18 per cent of men admitting they would bribe their partner with cash to shop or go out with friends so they can watch the match undisturbed. Email yep.newsdesk@ypn.co.uk or tweet us on @LeedsNews to tell us how you bring luck to your life.

PIC: Simon Hulme

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