Leeds Festival 2018: Advice from campers on how to stop valuables being stolen from your tent

Experienced festival-goers have given Leeds Festival campers tips on how to protect their valuables while staying on the site.

Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 2:42 pm
Updated Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 3:15 pm

Ticket-holders reported several incidents of tents being targeted by thieves while their owners slept inside during the first night of the event.

Leeds Festival 2018: Banned items you can't take on siteAlthough security lockers are available on the festival site, many campers find that they are located too far away from their tent to be convenient.

Experienced campers have taken to Facebook to share their advice with first-time attendees.

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How to prevent being a victim of theft at Leeds Festival

- Bring a bumbag for your phone, money and keys. Keep it with you at all times - and make sure you wear it while sleeping

- Don't buy a padlock for your tent - this will advertise that you may have valuables inside. Many thieves will use knives to cut the canvas whether there is a lock on the zip or not

- Padlocks can also slow you down if you need to leave your tent quickly in an emergency

- Leave your tent in an untidy state so that it is more difficult for a thief to find things quickly

- If it's not raining, leave your tent unzipped - it shows you have no valuables left inside

- Leave some spare clothes in your car in case others are taken

- Make friends with your neighbours so that they can help to raise the alarm if they see people they don't recognise trying to enter tents

- Take as few valuables with you as possible and avoid bringing expensive clothes and shoes