Leeds Festival 2018: 11 things you'll need to survive Leeds Fest 2018

With Leeds Festival on the horizon, music-lovers are being offered 11 quick and easy hacks to ensure they have a hassle-free camping and festival experience.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 21st August 2018, 11:33 am
Updated Tuesday, 21st August 2018, 11:35 am
These tips will help to make your festival experience a little more enjoyable
These tips will help to make your festival experience a little more enjoyable

The penny-pinching experts at PromotionalCodes.org.uk have shared their top 11 festival hacks, to guarantee a fun and stress-free time.

Taking a yoga mat, doing the pincer movement, and making the most of sponsored booths are just three of the 11 ways to make for a more frugal and comfortable experience.

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These tips will help to make your festival experience a little more enjoyable

Here re 11 quick and easy festival hacks:

Camp near a landmark

Camping near a landmark will make it easier to locate your tent so you don’t have to spend hours trapesing through muddy fields in search of it

Take eco-friendly wet wipes

Festival showers can be a bit grim and the queues to use them are often ridiculously long. Taking eco-friendly wet wipes will keep you feeling and smelling relatively fresh for the duration of the festival and compared to traditional wipes, eco-friendly types are compost friendly and better for the environment.

Pack a yoga mat

Tents can make for uncomfortable sleeping conditions, so taking a yoga mat to put your sleeping bag on can make for a must more restful night’s sleep.

Take a pillow case and not a pillow

Packing a pillow will take up lots of room or be a pain to carry. Pack a pillow case instead and fill it with a hoodie or two to make a comfortable make-shift pillow.

Use an old Nokia phone

Taking your brand-new iPhone is a bad idea as losing or breaking your phone is a real risk. Substituting your phone for a classic Nokia will not only save you panicking about damaging your actual phone, but Nokia’s are renowned for having long battery life that should last for the duration of the festival.

Nachos make good campfire kindling

Evenings can become chilly, so to keep warm having a small and controlled campfire is a good idea. To save space and effort brining logs with you, nachos make great kindling and will keep your fire burning bright.

Remember the pincer movement

The pincer movement is a hack that will guarantee prime viewing for every music act you see. When approaching a crowd in front of the stage, start from the outsides and work your way closer to the middle as you get nearer to the stage. This movement saves you having to barge past hundreds of people. However, when you get to the front don’t stand right by the barrier as the sound quality is worse here.

Use a bum bag

Bum bags are easy to wear and just the right size to fit all your essential in. They’re also great if you’re worried about getting you phone of credit cards pickpocketed.

Take dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is handy for the same reason baby wipes are – it’s quick, easy, and save you having to use the dirty public showers.

Pack snacks

Bringing snacks, such as cereal bars, will stop you from going hungry, give you an energy boost, and save you money from buying food at the festival.

Stop at sponsored booths to get freebies

Sponsored booths at festivals always hand out freebies, so stopping by will save you the money and effort of having to buy cheap but necessary items, such as; hand fans, portable chargers, or a mini torch.

Darren Williams from PromotionalCodes.org.uk said: “Festivals are a great opportunity to enjoy some live music and have fun with family and friends.

“However, they have the potential to be a stressful and uncomfortable time of having to queue for hours to use a dirty public shower, losing the tent, or spending a small fortune buying food and drinks on site.

“These hacks banish all the standard stresses of festival-goers and ensure relaxing quality time spent with family and friends:”