Leeds features in bad parking poll

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Leeds is among the top ten worst cities in the country for parking on the pavement.

The city features at number nine in a league table published by charity Guide Dogs which says badly parked cars are putting people with sight loss in danger.

The research reveals 80 per cent of Leeds residents support a change to the law on pavement parking. More than half of those surveyed in Leeds said they always or often came across cars parked on pavements on their street.


The charity is calling for dangerous pavement parking to be outlawed. The research is released ahead of the second reading of the Pavement Parking Bill tomorrow.

Guide Dogs claim badly parked cars are creating no-go zones for people living with sight loss. It says they are often forced to step out into the road without being able to see oncoming traffic.

James White, senior campaigns manager at Guide Dogs said: “Today, there are almost two million people in the UK living with sight loss and we want our streets to be safe for everyone. Badly parked cars are forcing people living with sight loss to step out into the road and putting them in danger just because people park on pavements. We want to see an end to problem pavement parking, reclaiming the streets for pedestrians.”

Conservative MP Simon Hoare, who has tabled the Bill said: “This new research shows just how widespread the problem of pavement parking is across the UK. No one should be forced to step out into the road by an inconsiderately parked vehicle, but it’s a particular issue for pedestrians such as people living with sight loss, parents with children in buggies and older people. It’s time to change drivers’ attitudes towards pavement parking.”

For possible use in the YP From the Archive series.''10th May 1988''THE MIGHTY Mallard, pride of Britain's railway history, puffed into Leeds Station today with a raging thirst.''It was pulling such a heavy load - 12 carriages carrying 250 top Post Office customers and stamp collectors - that it needed extra water supplies at Holbeck.''"The last thing we wanted was the boiler blowing up on Britain's pride and joy," said Mr Philip Round, Post Office Information Officer.''Mallard was making a special run across the Pennines from Manchester Victoria to mark two major anniversaries:

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