Leeds family’s firework explosion terror

FRIGHTENED: Mum Sonya Joseph with Kion-Joe, Braydon, Mareyah, Tayah-Mai and Lucas. PIC: Bruce Rollionson
FRIGHTENED: Mum Sonya Joseph with Kion-Joe, Braydon, Mareyah, Tayah-Mai and Lucas. PIC: Bruce Rollionson
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A family is living in fear after a motorbike-riding yob launched a firework into their Leeds home, burning three brothers and putting an ill baby at risk.

Meanwood mother-of-six Sonya Joseph had recently returned home from hospital with 15-month-old Mareyah, who had been on life support, when the incident took place.

The full-time carer’s youngest suffers from the life-limiting condition Edwards’ syndrome and was not expected to live longer than two weeks.

The firework is believed to have exploded a box of her oxygen equipment as it bounced around the house.

Speaking about the culprits, 36-year-old Sonya said: “They need to think about what they are doing. It’s not fun and games – it can cost people their lives.

“We’re not just a normal family. We’ve got a very poorly baby in this house and it could have been so different.”

Sons Kion-Joe, 12; Braydon, 11, and nine-year-old Lucas were playing outside with friends when the chaos began.

Sonya said: “All I heard was the front door flying open and the boys coming in screaming. There was crackling, banging and crying.”

The firework shot through the front door into the hallway, burning the carpet, and then bounced into the downstairs toilet and kitchen.

Sonya said the boys were left with minor burns on their arms and legs and were scared of a repeat incident.

“They’re big boys and won’t admit it but they’re locking doors when they come in,” she said. “They’re really good at going to the shops for me but they don’t want to go to the shops now. They run back in because they can hear a motorbike, just absolutely frightened.”

The house in Beckhill Avenue also filled with smoke, which put Mareyah in danger after a 17 week hospital stay.

“I don’t take her outside, she doesn’t have an immune system, but I couldn’t leave her in the house because of the smoke,” Sonya said.

Edwards’ syndrome is a serious genetic condition which disrupts a baby’s development – only around one in 12 that survive birth live beyond a year.

Mareyah has to sleep with oxygen due to her delicate airways.

She had more than four months in hospital and was only discharged 10 days before the firework was launched into the family home.

Police confirmed an incident took place on October 29 and said enquiries were ongoing. Call 101 with any information.