Leeds family’s Christmas Day ‘disco lamp’ scare

FESTIVE FIASCO: Leanne Stocks with son Zachary, five, and the 'disco lamp'.
FESTIVE FIASCO: Leanne Stocks with son Zachary, five, and the 'disco lamp'.
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An investigation has been launched by a major retailer after a five year old’s ‘disco lamp’ Christmas present burst into flames next to his bed minutes after his parents had tucked him in.

Leanne Stocks and her family narrowly averted a Christmas Day disaster, when the small glowing ‘Lightfever’ lamp malfunctioned five minutes after she plugged it in.

Miss Stocks, 28, from Bramley, had switched on the glowing, multi-coloured disco-ball light - bought from Home Bargains in Morley - and tucked son Zachary Turnock in, when he called to her saying he could smell smoke.

She rushed back to his room, and found the toy alight from inside, and Zachary’s bedroom drawer fire damaged.

“I was just putting my son to bed, and we plugged it in and within five minutes it was on fire,” she said.

“There was a flame inside it and it damaged the drawers.

“We were more concerned about what could have happened.

“My son is only five and he was in bed.

“He was really scared because he didn’t know what was happening.

“I just can’t help thinking ‘what if we had shut the door and gone to bed?’”

Miss Stocks said she had done some research and found various complaints about the same product on an online forum.

“I don’t want anyone to get hurt,” she said.

The incident has led to hundreds of online comments on the ABCD Leeds Facebook page, with one user, Elaine Turner, commenting: “It’s not only Leanne this has happened to. This needs to be brought to everyone’s attention before anyone gets hurt.”

Miss Stocks has now complained to both Home Bargains and to its parent company TJ Morris. It is understood the same product is also sold elsewhere.

A spokesperson for Home Bargains, said: “We hold a full technical test certification for the disco ball light, which has been stocked and sold in our stores for many years.

“This incident will be investigated by our Health and Safety department.”

The Sale of Goods Act states that if a product you’ve bought develops a fault, your statutory rights mean you can get your money back within four weeks or ask for a repair or replacement within six months. Trading Standards can also test equipment, sample goods and investigate complaints.

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