Leeds faces are focus of new art exhibition

Tracey Farrar, with her picture at the Humans of Leeds exhibition. Pic: Tom Joy Photography.
Tracey Farrar, with her picture at the Humans of Leeds exhibition. Pic: Tom Joy Photography.
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Picture perfect people in Leeds are in the frame at a new art exhibition.

Hundreds of unsung heroes, familiar faces and complete strangers from across the city are the focus of the Humans of Leeds exhibition.

The project is based on the popular Humans of New York project, and includes a photograph with a short story about the person pictured.

The Humans of Leeds photographer, who is keen to remain anonymous, said: “Humans of Leeds is important to me because it provides a creative outlet.

“I get to connect with people from all walks of life; incredible people I’d never ordinarily meet, whose stories I am privileged to share with a great community of followers.

“It’s really exciting for me to be able to run my first exhibition at Lambert’s Yard, which is a hugely important heritage site in Leeds.”

The portraits have now gone on display at Lambert’s Yard.

Bouncer Tracey Farrar, a well-known face in the LGBT community, is one of the people pictured in the exhibition.

In her story, she talks about her job, and said: “A lot of the time I’m working with straight macho man and they don’t like being told what to do – especially by a woman.

“I’ve got to be assertive and it helps that I’m naturally bossy but I’ve had to put people in their place, show them I’m serious and I can do the job as well as them.

“I’ve found that the job is more than just being a door person, it’s like being an aunty.

“I try and help people out. It’s usually advice on personal matters, practical help, putting people in touch with organisations.”

She added: “It’s important to me that I be there for people.”

To see the images, visit humansofleeds.tumblr.com.

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