Leeds explorer gets set for Greenland adventure

Leeds explorer Ben Thackwray is back on track to break records as he gears up to tackle last year's aborted mission to run across Greenland.

The 29-year-old is determined to complete his unfinished 360-mile coast-to-coast journey after being forced to abort the crossing due to frostbite on his thumb.

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Ben and friend Ian Couch, 40, had to abandon the trek after just 50km, due to the frostbite which can lead to amputation.

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The thumb remained in tact, but a disappointed Ben said the fact they didn't finish the journey last April was frustrating.

He told the YEP: "I've been thinking about going back since we were on the helicopter getting lifted out last year.

"We are attempting the same thing, full coast to coast, unsupported and unassisted as quickly as possible."

The pair hope to conquer the second largest ice cap on the planet in just 12 days compared to a 'normal' expedition which would take double

the time.

Ben added: "Waiting a year has been painstaking so it will mean a lot to me to exorcise the demons from last year.

"I've been thinking particularly about how it's going to be when we are stood in the same place as where we got picked up last year, as well as getting to the west coast."

Ben says they haven't altered their gear too much apart from making a few extra modifications to the kit.

They are also going out there three weeks later in the year in a bid to try and miss the worst part of the storm season.

Ben and Ian, who lives in Norwich and has family in Harrogate, have spent months training for the bid which will see them fly out next Tuesday.

In 2008 Ben was part of a record-breaking team of five who rowed from Antigua to the Canaries.

The Greenland trip is a "warm up" to a South Pole expedition in 2011, something Ben has always dreamed of.

For more information visit: www.benthackwray.co.uk


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